Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's play the maze

Have you heard about this game??.. if need to play it .... okay?

Make sure your audio is turned on. it's cool tell me what level you stop by giving me a comment


1. Guide the blue point through the maze.
2. Don't touch the walls
3. Touching the walls will bring you back to the beginning of the game
4. You have to reach the red wall to finish the level
5. Enjoy and have fun..

just click this link here... START GAME


chikletz said...

level 3! hahaha!

PinkNote said...

di ko matapos ang level 3, touch pad ako e..nanginging kamay ko..huhu :(

Led said...

sows...alam ko na yan XD haha ilang beses na akong nayari nyan eh.

T i N A Y said...

haha panira ung koment ni led. :D plahaha.

Rwetha said...

level 3...

un lang, andito pala kapatid kong bunso sa likod ko... awts!

lilcharm said...

hehehe nung una kong ginawa yan

umiyak ako promise hehe


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