Monday, May 7, 2007


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by Andrea Camille A. Yumo

My head is empty

i cant think of any
i cant loudly speak
my words are weak
i cant start to write
i think this ain't right

im keepin busy
i feel uneasy
im goin crazy
and a lil bit dizzy

i just bite my lips
and my hair flips
silence sorrounds me
and it hurts me

i sit here waiting
i wanna stop from hating
i look for signs
to let go of my lines

people around me doesn't even care
and i dont give a d*mn dare
i just wish i cud find my words to say
so i wont get jaded anyway

a cold wind blows
i can feel it close
my mind is battling wid my heart
i might break apart

pls help me God..
so it wont end up bad
take away this kind of sensation
whisper my destination

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The last time I cried

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I cannot keep the pain inside,
I cannot remember the last time I cried.
Every day gets a little bit harder,
To push the pain in just a little bit farther.

I’ve no control of destiny,
Don’t know what else is in store for me.
I’ve lost all concentration,
I’m walking blind to my next destination.

But I’ll go where no-one else will go,
Because I know, what no-one else knows.
A childhood secret, it’s burning me up inside,
And I still can’t remember, the last time I cried.

I wish I could change, what has already been,
And escape reality, to the land of my dreams.
But that won’t help, it’s too late now,
So I’ll keep pushing in the pain somehow.

Broken glass, in fear of the night,
Alone in my room, terrified with fright.
Lost in the darkness, trying to find a place to hide,
I guess that must have been, the last time I cried


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