Sunday, June 28, 2009


Every people has the right to express their feelings and there are different ways, some people communicate, tell stories and create imaginations how they will deliver it without knowing they are the one behind it. Some people write, poems, phrases, and sayings. I call them Poetic people I guess. These methods are what we call verbal and non-verbal expressions. Is there any people expresses their feelings verbally and non-verbally at the same time? Well I know most of them they are people, who can write songs. If you're going to ask me I prefer non-verbal expression, because I used to write poems, and write what's going on with my life Moreover, I can see myself on that. I write special things, occasion, everything I observe in and out.

People in our country were so emotional; we had to admit that most of us got easily carried away. Just like in TV we have so many "telenovelas" to watch. My mom kept crying whenever she's watching "wish ko lang" on GMA. It doesn't bother me at all. Funny movies unwind me, it made me feel better in times I want to calm my self and it releases my stress and boredom. What about porn movies? What do you feel and what kind of expression after watching this kind of movie?! And what can we get from these films? Do we learn something useful? Well we have different views on that, I started it when I was in college because of my friends, I don't blame them instead, I want to thank them. hahaha I don't have to tell you why..

I am interested to those people who tell stories from their past life, their history what else? Hmmm and they compare those things what they do now... I am one of them, but I've learned one thing that I don't have to explain myself to people who doesn't like me coz they don't need it anyway. But im very much interested to those people who don't want to go back with the past, maybe they had a bad experience or a person might be the reason.

A lot of people criticize my writings, well that's good and much better for me cause from that I always learn, I used it as a debugger and developer. It debugs error that occurred.

Whatever maybe, when you're hurt its better to let go of your feelings, coz it hurts more if you're the only one to know. God already knows but He just wants you to ask Him and share.

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