Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recently watched movies....

Slumdog Millionaire:

The story begins properly with the twentysomething Jamal being dragged into a police station and brutally tortured. Seems he’s been pulled off the set of the local iteration of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Being only one question away from winning the multimillion-dollar prize, producers have their doubts about Jamal’s legitimacy. How could an uneducated ghetto-dweller know the answers to all these questions? Surely, the kid is cheating. As Jamal explains the key to each individual answer, we see a chapter of Jamal’s past life, illustrating how he came to such hard-won knowledge.

Surviving their childhood (no mean feat) as scrappy hustlers, Jamal and Salim fall under the spell of a local crime lord. Latika is both lost and found, Salim is corrupted by greed and only plucky, resourceful Jamal escapes to adulthood with some scrap of his innocence intact. Throughout his life’s journey of ups and downs (mostly downs), Jamal maintains his loyalty to Latika. More than just his childhood companion, she’s “the one who got away” (or more accurately, “the one who was kidnapped and sold into a life of potential sexual slavery”). Jamal dreams of rescuing Latika from poverty, crime and other even more unsavory influences. But what’s a poor slumdog to do? Naturally, go on a TV game show, get rich instantly and sweep the love of his life away to greener pastures.

Scary.. really scary.. ask my boyfriend he'll probably tell you the same thing.

I wasn't amused with "Amusement".The laughable synopsis on the cover goes like that: Tabitha,Shelby and Lisa.They're longtime friends on separate life paths.But they share a horrific destination when a seemingly innocent incident from their school days comes back to terrify them.Someone wants payback:warped vengeance...mind-games vengeance...taunting,shredding,slashing vengeance.Inside a stone-walled chamber of prison cells and mechanisms of doom,the three women and other victims face a fierce fight to survive."Amusement" is terrible.With dumb plot and zero scares it offers nothing even remotely interesting even for seasoned horror fan.The killer is an underdeveloped cliché with truly annoying laugh.There is only one effectively creepy scene in which the emerging female lead is confronted with a room stuffed with dolls and clowns.The violence is tame so gorehounds and slasher fans will be disappointed.4 out of 10.

cute story... for teenagers only.. like me??...ehehe

Wall E:
I like this movie.. I feel like a kid.. so techy

WALL-E is such a lovable character. I've never felt so much emotion for one character. He will definitely go down in history as iconic as Darth Vader, or Indiana Jones. I was so close to crying at pivotal parts in the film, and although I didn't fully break out and cry, I have never felt so much emotion in my heart with any other film as I did with this one.

EVE is very fun and interesting. One scene in particular, with her, was so beautiful, that my eyes got teary. Her chemistry with WALL-E is so oddly perfect. They are so different in appearance and personality, yet they work so well together.

The other robots are all lovable, except for the "enemy" robots, who still add much depth to the film. In particular, M-O was the cutest, obviously not counting WALL-E.

The story is brilliant. There are many little things in the film that have so much meaning to them. There are things that will be nostalgic to older viewers, and things that younger viewers will love to look at. However, it does steer for the cheesy, cliché aspects of a child's film, yet still remaining a completely G-rated film.

I don't call this a child's film at all. Not because it has adult material, because it doesn't. I say this because the film is perfect for everyone. Literally, everyone. There are things in it every person can enjoy, no matter who they are

Parents you should watch this..!!.. for your daugther's safety
teenagers must watch this movie too!!...

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slumdog millionire... galeng nyan... two thumbs up...


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