Monday, February 23, 2009

Were am i going?

i dont want to feel this way..
maybe im working on a wrong way..
there's such a heavy feeling
i dont know what's the real meaning..
what should i do to make it lite
give me more signs to do it right

do i have to look back?
or just stay were im at?
maybe this is the part were im jealous
and i can't help it its kinda obvious
Ive heard lots of news
im searching for clues

is it broken now?
is there any way to know? how?
did i do something wrong
i felt fooled for so long
what the fuck is going on
i think its time for me to move on

being paranoid is on my mind
I can't believe now,im like that kind
wrath is all ive' got to feel
maybe the reason why i still fear
waiting for myself to calm
and see what's left undone

everything seems to be perfect
its not bad to really expect
so if ever when your ready
u wont be able to be in a hurry
decide very wisely
use both very practically
to be continued....

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