Monday, May 7, 2007


by Andrea Camille A. Yumo

My head is empty

i cant think of any
i cant loudly speak
my words are weak
i cant start to write
i think this ain't right

im keepin busy
i feel uneasy
im goin crazy
and a lil bit dizzy

i just bite my lips
and my hair flips
silence sorrounds me
and it hurts me

i sit here waiting
i wanna stop from hating
i look for signs
to let go of my lines

people around me doesn't even care
and i dont give a d*mn dare
i just wish i cud find my words to say
so i wont get jaded anyway

a cold wind blows
i can feel it close
my mind is battling wid my heart
i might break apart

pls help me God..
so it wont end up bad
take away this kind of sensation
whisper my destination

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