Monday, January 3, 2011

repost: Jan o3 2007

By Andrea Camille A. Yumo

cant utter how i feel,
since the day i saw you for real,
der's sumthin about u dat its too hard to tell,
my heart beats like a bell,
sum1 whisper me and told me your the one,
hey girl your the lucky one,

Time passed by we dont get in touch,
u sed hello, funny but i sed hu it was,
until time gets closer to us,
im so thankful for that,
and that's a fact,
i really love our conversation,
i dont need any compensations

TiL i realize one thing,
one thing for sure a feeling,
Its like im shot by an arrow
but it dont hurt me at all,
i wana make it slow
im goin with the flow

i Just wish u fil d same way,
cant wait for another day,
never 4get the day u told me u wana care
my heart became soft as a cuddly bear,
whispering dat i ilke you,
hope you like me too,

changes occured wen the day i saw u again.
i dont know why it happend so easily
i couldn't stand it believe me,
thoughts of you keep lurking
is it true or am i dreaming?

can i say i love you
i know you love me too...,
I can see it in your eyes,
without diception and lies
i know ders alot of hindrances,
i can fix it up inspite of my weaknesses

I dont give a damn heed what people say,
just mind their own lives anyway,
Instead I thank God now i have you,
so please stay...will you?

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