Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watch The Green Hornet Online

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Watch The Green Hornet Online


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Last saturday i watched "the green hornet" with my boyfriend were kinda surprise coz we didn't know that it's in 3D... I've noticed that one of the cast is not an american but a japanese.. at first i wasn't able to recognize this guy in the movie named "jay chou" but as the movie played

I realized that he is also one of the leading man this movie i saw long time ago... and then i uttered "i know this guy..! he's good in playing piano.."

I forgot the title of the movie I saw..

then... i'm glad that i found out..

It's secret..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Buhay Call Center

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Buhay Call Center

(Iba to!)

No Calls / High Avail:

Super Dami ng Calls:

Weewee Tapos ng Long Call:

Chizmax with Teammate:

May Bagong Crush:

Crush Nasa Kabilang Station:

Feeling Gwapo Looking Gago

(Maraming Ganito):

Station sa Ilalim ng Aircon:

Cost-Cutting or Sira ang Aircon:

Nosebleed Sobrang English:

Busog from Lunch:

Walang Boss:

Supervisor Pag May Client Visit:

Trainers After Class:

QA May Sinugod na Agent:

Guilty Agent After Sinugod:

Supervisor ng Pasaway na Agent:

Agent na Pa-Awa Effect After Mahuli:

Agent na May Warning:

Meron Final Warning:

Wishing for Good Appraisals:

May Sweldo Na:


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you a goose?

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do you know the reason why they fly in a "v" form"? according from what i have learned from our church, they help one another to migrate from one place to another.. it helps them make stronger and faster if they fly in this formation and they cannot fly longer by just one they work together.. the one in front is the leader.. and when they honk it encourages one another...

A goose illustrates the concept of:
- fellowship (hebrews 10:24-25)
- sharing the workload (Ephesians 4:15-16)
- encouragement (Hebrews 3:13)

Lessons from Geese

as a church we must fly together in the formation
we must share the workload of the church
when we are honking at each other from behind, it will always to be encourage

Sunday, January 9, 2011


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I honestly hate the size of my feet,,,,

I'm hopelessly desperate..
looking for a doll shoes that would best fit my 10 sized feet...

Is there such thing as feet surgery or feet operation just to reduce the size??.. I dont want to use men slippers..

arrgghh!!,, its rili expensive to buy just a pair of a 10 sized doll shoes hindi naman sa hindi ko afford it's not bad to be practical in times like this...

mahal na ang bilihin ayuko ng "maluhong paa" hehehe

Monday, January 3, 2011

repost: Jan o3 2007

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By Andrea Camille A. Yumo

cant utter how i feel,
since the day i saw you for real,
der's sumthin about u dat its too hard to tell,
my heart beats like a bell,
sum1 whisper me and told me your the one,
hey girl your the lucky one,

Time passed by we dont get in touch,
u sed hello, funny but i sed hu it was,
until time gets closer to us,
im so thankful for that,
and that's a fact,
i really love our conversation,
i dont need any compensations

TiL i realize one thing,
one thing for sure a feeling,
Its like im shot by an arrow
but it dont hurt me at all,
i wana make it slow
im goin with the flow

i Just wish u fil d same way,
cant wait for another day,
never 4get the day u told me u wana care
my heart became soft as a cuddly bear,
whispering dat i ilke you,
hope you like me too,

changes occured wen the day i saw u again.
i dont know why it happend so easily
i couldn't stand it believe me,
thoughts of you keep lurking
is it true or am i dreaming?

can i say i love you
i know you love me too...,
I can see it in your eyes,
without diception and lies
i know ders alot of hindrances,
i can fix it up inspite of my weaknesses

I dont give a damn heed what people say,
just mind their own lives anyway,
Instead I thank God now i have you,
so please stay...will you?


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